Springtime Favourites!

Here is a list of our favourite products for Spring 2015!

Some of our favourite products for Spring 2015!

OK! Here we go! It seems spring has finally arrived!… although, here in Moncton, we still have snow banks as far as the eye can see! It was actually snowing again yesterday (April 7th!). Nevertheless, we are keeping our heads up towards the sun, and catching every sweet ray of sunshine we can.

To start off our new blog, we’ve gathered up a list of our favourite products of the moment, guarantied to bring in some sunshine & colour in your life for spring!

In the following weeks, we will be posting some amazing projects & ideas that we have tried with these products, so stay tuned in by following us here, and on here on facebook!

  1. Pentallic traveler’s 3×4 sketchbooks;

Whether you’re heading across the ocean or taking a stroll downtown, these small, and colourful, sketchbooks are the perfect travel companion! Although they seem small, they do pack 160 pages of bright white recycled acid-free paper, and come in great flashy colours.

  1. Inktense pencils;

If bright colours are what you are looking far, these pencils are the right material for you! They work and feel just like watercolour pencils, but have a brighter colour pay out – more like a drawing ink. You can even use these pencils on fabric, check out this tutorial here from Derwent for more information that technique.

  1. Micron fine liners;

These small but mighty markers are a perfect addition to your art stuff! Not only are they waterproof, they also dry super fast, which is great if you are left-handed and fear smudging your drawings or notes! They are available in 6 different sizes, and many colours, as well as simple clean black.

  1. LomoChrome purple film;

Did you think film photography was dead and buried? Nah, you’re awesome, you already know that film photography will never leave us! One strong supporter of analogue photography, Lomography, has been producing some great types of film, and last summer they came out with this beautiful purple toned film, perfect if you’re into living a life of dream. The purple film is a limited edition, and will not be around forever… but don’t you worry, they already have a new LomoChrome film coming out for later Spring 2015, and it’s going to be, wait for it… LEGEN-dar-..turquoise! Yes! It should be in stock by the end of this week! And we can’t wait to try it out.

  1. Snazaroo Facepaint;

Fun for kids & adults! Especially fun for the adult getting painted on by kids, because it is very easy to clean, and does not irritate skin. Comes in a multitude of colours in 18ml pucks, and smaller kits too. The paint dries to a smooth finish, and lasts all day without getting dry and flakey, or sweating off! If you’re going to a festival this summer, you need to bring some to impress your friends!

  1. Cotman Sketcher’s Pocket Watercolour Kit;

This watercolour kit is great for watercolour beginners and amateurs. It is a small compact set with 12 half pans and also comes with a small compact travel brush that fits right into the set! You might think the pans are a little small, but trust me, they will last you a long time (unless you are maybe water-colouring every minute of everyday…which is awesome, if you are)!

  1. Impossible Project film;

Do you have any old Polaroid cameras gathering dust around your house? Maybe you thought you would never be able to use them again (or maybe never even try them for a first time!) since Polaroid stopped developing their films in 2008…Well, you’re in luck – since 2010, Impossible Project has been producing polaroid type films, and they’ve only been getting better at it! They now offer films in black & white and in colour for all Polaroid 600, SX-70 and Spectra cameras! This past year they’ve even come out with a round frame film, which creates a beautiful soft look with all subjects!

  1. Lumi Inkodye;

Inko-what? Dye! This is not just any dye… it is a photo-sensible dye! Lumi Inkodye was launched in 2009 with the help of kickstarter, and has been wining the hearts of the DIY crowd ever since. Inkodye is a liquid dye that you can apply to fabric, and cover with either objects or a negative of an image and expose to sunlight, and watch it come to life (well, change colour). Inkodye can also be used with a silkscreen when thickened with sodium alginate, or with transparent silkscreen medium (the medium will affect the color). I have tried it myself and have gotten some amazing results! Stay tuned to the blog for a post about it in the near future.

  1. Golden High Flow Paint;

This super liquid acrylic paint is a super versatile addition to the Golden paint family. It can be used with dip pens, empty markers, airbrush guns, with a paintbrush, or squirted straight out of the bottle! This paint is perfect for creating paint drips, or very fine detail work when used with small brushes or empty markers. They can also be used with a pouring medium to create awesome effects! I will also post a project I did with High Flow paints and pouring medium in the upcoming weeks.

  1. Lomography Cameras;

Film cameras! Yes, cameras that use film! They’re still around, and Lomography is creating affordable, fun, and colourful cameras that can easily be used by anybody and everybody! Many different models are available, and they are always working on new cool products to develop! In fact, this year they’ve come out with a great instant camera (the Lomo’Instant). They are always working on new designs for their best selling cameras – my favourites at the moments are the Diana F+ Explorer Nocturne and the Wally Watcher La Sardina, although over here in Canada Wally is called Waldo!

Thanks for reading our blog,

Leave a comment bellow if you have tried these products, or if you have your own suggestions of great products for spring!

-Christine at The Art Shack


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