Alternative & Film Photography Exhibit

My, my, we have been so busy this past month, I haven’t had the time to post any news! Mario (the other co-owner of the shop) has been busy painting a beautiful mural in Le Sommet school in Moncton with the help of our amazing art teacher Noémie DesRoches, and I have been working on a projet with L’Art Ici SVP, and a couple of my artsy friends, Louise Thériault, and Geneviève Sivret, painting a piano to put downtown for the Summer… We are super excited to see how everything will turn out!

Instead of being a project, this post will be an announcement to an event we are having in store this Summer. It’s that time of the year again, time to get your cameras out in the sunshine, and take so many cool pictures! This will be the second edition of a (hopefully) annual group photography exhibit happening in our store. Last year we focused mainly on lomography images, but this year we want everyone shooting film or using alternative photography processes to join us! That means you, instant photography lover, and also you, closet darkroom-er! We will be accepting submissions from everyone, and from everywhere until June 28th 2015. Shoot us an email for more information! Can’t wait to see all of your works!



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