Art Graf No.1

“Going to the beach” 16″X20″ drawing by Angie Richard

Hi there! This is Angie, and this is my first blog post for the Art Shack. I’m really excited to tell you about a new product we have in the store! So here it goes.

Art Graf No.1 is a unique kneadable erasable drawing material. The water soluble graphite drawing putty can be used dry or wet and can be shaped to any form allowing you to create big or small graphite marks. I would recommend using gloves when working in order to fully apreciate the wide range of shapes and forms that can be done with this material! (And it’s a bit messy!)

DSC_0401.JPG    DSC_0407.JPG

Graphite can be activated to react as a watercolor simply by dipping the graphite in water or by appliying with a wet brush. You can also create washes by adding water or drawing on damp paper.

It comes in a reasable package and should be resealed in order to keep graphite putty pliable. (I would even suggest putting package in Ziploc bag). You can also choose to leave some graphite out of the package for it to dry , leaving you with a chunck (or ball) of hard graphite to draw with.

It is said to be erasable, but I found it easier to erase when applied dry rather than wet. I was however able to lighten some areas that had been applied wet with a kneaded eraser. Just be careful not to confuse the kneaded eraser with the kneaded graphite putty as they look extremely similar!

This product will be appreciated by drawing enthusiasts wanting to try something new. Good for large gestural drawings or for smaller watercolor-esque pieces. Art Graf No.1 can be used on differents surfaces but will probably work best on hot pressed watercolor paper, smooth drawing paper (Somerset) or even unique papers like Yupo!

So if you’re like me and you love to draw and experiment with new techniques to broaden your drawing skills, I really recommend you give this product a try! Don’t be afraid to get a bit messy and let you intuition guide your drawing. You’ll be surprised at how easy your drawing comes to life!

-Angie R.


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