Welcome to the Art Shack’s Art Blog!

The Art Shack is an art materials store located in Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada). The store was established in 1997, in Sackville, NB – home of the first Fine Arts Departments in Canada, and many awesome people!

The Art Shack is (and always has been) run by artists who know & love as much about materials and techniques as possible!

This blog is now a place we can share our knowledge, spread ideas, and showcase our favourite art things.

I am Christine, a co-owner of the shop, and will be taking care of this blog space. Feel free to share our images and notes with your friends, and leave comments with questions or remarks as you see fit!

Our store is a proudly bilingual space, where french & english are equally as important in our daily workings, but for ease of access, this blog will mainly be publishing in english.

Thank you for your understanding!

Our store is located at 102 St-George Street, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Visit http://www.ArtShack.ca for more information.


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